PACT for fungal nails

What is nail fungus?

A fungal infection in the toenails often occur with Athlete’s foot, but can occur on its own. The toenails become thick and discoloured. This infection can be difficult to treat, especially if the nail bed is involved.

There are a number of ways this infection can be treated: oral medication, application of a topical anti-fungal or through intensive light therapy (e.g. PACT). Regular thinning of the nail plate increases the effectiveness of the treatment.


What does a ‘fungal infection’ do to my nails?

Nail fungus starts with small insignificant marks on the nail. It spreads slowly but eventually the fungus will cause the nail to become thick and crumbly with an odorous smell. The nails can become brown and yellow in colour and can be embarrassingly unsightly. They are often painful in shoes and become very difficult to cut.

What is PACT treatment for nail fungus?

Photodynamic therapy (PACT) has been used in medicine since the 1990’s. PACT is a safe form of intensive light therapy. It uses a specific wavelength that kills fungus. A blue PACT gel, is applied to the affected nails and is activated by exposure to the PACT light; together they destroy only the diseased part of the nails.

Does the treatment hurt?

Photodynamic therapy (PACT) at Dulwich PodiatryThe PACT is a pain free treatment for fungal nails. PACT is safe to use with no known complications. It is safe to use even if you are pregnant.

What happens at my first appointment?

We assess your nails and we can test a nail sample to confirm the cause of your nail deformity. There are other causes of nail deformities such as trauma, psoriasis and eczema. Once your infection is diagnosed we can then start the correct treatment.

Your treatment includes reshaping and reducing the affected nails as far as possible. This results in an immediate improvement in appearance for most people although it can take a year to eighteen months for the whole nail has to regrow without infection.

If your infection has been there for years, the nails may never fully recover their shape, even after the fungus is dead. It is very important to get treatment as early as possible to avoid this happening.

To treat your nail fungus you will be booked a series of appointments for PACT treatments depending on the severity of your infection.

Fungal Nail treatment at Dulwich Podiatry

What Should I do Next?

Phone Dulwich Podiatry for an appointment and let our receptionist know that you are concerned about your nail appearance.  You will need to come in for an initial assessment.  The practice is open six days a week with a late evening on Thursdays.

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Please do not be embarrassed, we treat nail fungus all the time and look forward to helping your improve the appearance of your feet and nails.