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At Dulwich Podiatry, our team take pride in providing our customers with high quality treatments, procedures and advice.

We are defined by our team of highly trained podiatrists, by their unique combination of podiatry knowledge and customer care.

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We assess foot conditions across all age groups, including those associated with diabetes and arthritis, related to gait or foot structural abnormalities or caused by badly fitting footwear.

You will experience the best podiatric care at the Dulwich Podiatry.


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Virtual appointments

Our online appointments provide you with a comprehensive podiatry service and advice where possible.

They were initially created during the Covid-19 pandemic and provide you with another option for obtaining podiatric advice.

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Who we are

Our team of podiatrists have a wide range of expertise, enabling referral within the practice when specialised treatment is required. All our podiatrists are members of The Royal College of Podiatry and are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. The podiatrists are supported by our administration team.

Our Testimonials

Our Blogs

Making the Move: From the NHS to Private Practice

By Shila Ansari I recently moved from a podiatry department in the National Health Service (NHS) to Dulwich Podiatry.  My eight years working in the NHS provided me with the opportunity to develop my core podiatry skills, especially in managing the high risk foot, ulceration and wound care. Unfortunately, I felt could not develop my

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When you can’t get out, we’ll come to you!

By Hema Iyavoo It is essential that we all take good care of our feet in later life. Good foot care lowers our risks of falls and reduces our risks of infection, as well as relieving pain. At Dulwich Podiatry, we can help older people who are unable to look after their feet even if

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Improving Your Running Form: A Podiatric Perspective

By Jack Eastwood Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise, requiring minimal equipment and offering numerous health benefits.  However improper running form can lead to a variety of injuries, ranging from minor discomfort to more serious issues whether it be a something superficial or something more in depth. As podiatrists, we understand

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