• I attended Dulwich podiatry with my daughter for her verrucas, I was explained all the different treatments available and was helped to choose the best one (verruca pen and cryosurgery). I saw both Jack and Michaela for her treatments and both where friendly and helpful, glad to say verruca is gone. Thank you for the help.

    R. L55

  • I use to go go Dulwich Podiatry many years ago but became unwell and was not able to go i had a home visit this week my feet had not been treated for a long time because i am in a power chair electric scooter when the lady came i cannot remember her name she was really lovely she did my feet and they are fantastic i have no pain at all i would say to anybody who has problems with there feet you should go to the Dulwich Podiatry clinic you will not be disappointed.

    D. Smith

  • Excellent service have had problems with a ingrown toenail for a very long time went to dulwich podiatry Michaela talk me through the treatment had op to remove it she was absolutely brilliant I pain free for the first time in years. Would highly recommend this clinic. Thank you Michaela.

    G. Donnelly

  • Professional, friendly and quick to obtain an appointment. Very happy to chosen this place.

    O. Shorif

  • Excellent and very timely service. I found all staff sympathetic to my pain and keen to help me then and there. Nothing better than walking around with pain free feet. Highly recommend.

    E. Donldson