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Your rights under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) act from 25th May 2018.


From 25th May 2018 more stringent regulations relating to data confidentiality and patient rights to access data will come into mandatory effect. The GDPR aims to reinforce and modernise the foundation regulations set out by the previous Data Protection Act of 1998.

This policy seeks to make the patient aware of the rights they have under the new data regulations in a clear and concise manner.

Sharing of Information

For the purposes of correct and full diagnosis and treatment, Dulwich Podiatry Ltd may need to refer your case to your GP or other relevant specialist. This will always be done with your prior signed consent. Dulwich Podiatry Ltd will never share your information with a third party for marketing purposes or any reason unrelated to your specific relevant treatment without your clear consent.


Dulwich Podiatry Ltd offers a free appointment reminder service of texts sent two working days prior to the patients confirmed appointment. The patient has the right to accept or decline this service and the option is made available on the provided Consent Form, to be completed upon the patient’s first visit to the practice.

Dulwich Podiatry Ltd send a no-obligation reminder letter one year following the patients last treatment date. There will be no follow up should there be no further contact from the patient.

Dulwich Podiatry Ltd may also occasionally share information on offers, products or promotions that might be of specific interest to the patient. The option to accept or decline this service is also available on the Consent Form.

Should the patient reconsider their requirements for this service, amendments can be made in person or over the phone to our administration team on 0208 693 6000.

Retention of Information

Dulwich Podiatry Ltd retains basic personal information and all relevant treatment information on its patients for a minimum of 8 years from the date of final contact with the patient, or until the 25th birthday of a patient under the age of 18 at date of final contact. This is the recognised standard for the medical profession and is done purely for the purposes of the patient’s treatment and care.

Right to Access Data

The patient has a right to know the information Dulwich Podiatry Ltd retains on them.  A request to access this information may be made free of charge in writing. A Request for Information template is available for the patient’s convenience upon request. Dulwich Podiatry Ltd will endeavour to provide the patient with this information within 5 working days of receipt of this written request. 

Right to be Forgotten

As a Medical practice, Dulwich Podiatry Ltd cannot lawfully delete treatment information relating to a patient. But should a patient wish to receive no further communication from Dulwich Podiatry Ltd, this request may be made in writing. A Request for Deletion template is available for the patient’s convenience upon request.

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