Cancellation Policy


Dulwich Podiatry Ltd have taken into consideration several factors when deciding what times to allocate to appointments. Our diary fills up quickly and patients often need to be put on a waiting list in the hope of being offered an earlier appointment should any cancellations occur.

We acknowledge that things come up for patients and that appointments may simply be forgotten.  In order to keep missed appointments to a minimum, we send text reminders to those who have opted into this service, and phone calls to those who have opted out, two days prior to their appointment date. 

Failing to attend an appointment and not giving the minimum amount of time required to cancel/rebook means that we are unable to fill much-needed slot/s in the diary.  It is also disrespectful of other patients’ and our podiatrists’ time. We therefore charge fees for appointments missed or cancelled at short notice.

Failure to attend an appointment the first time will result in a warning and a reminder that a fee is applicable for missed appointments, however this will be waived on this first occasion.

Generally, our appointments last 30 minutes and are therefore booked in 30-minute increments. A general failed-to-attend fee will be applied to these appointments. However, if the appointment has been booked for 1 hour or more, a higher fee is applicable (see table below).

A fee is still applicable if a patient calls the same day to cancel/rebook as it is Dulwich Podiatry’s policy to be given 24 hours’ notice for a change to an appointment. If a patient calls same day to change appointment to a later time that day, there will be no fee incurred.

Failed appointment/cancellation fees are due to be paid no later than the patient’s next scheduled appointment.

If a patient has no more appointments booked, then they will be expected to make payment at the point of contact from the practice.  If they do not do so at that point, an invoice will be sent.



Dressing/Nails only


Clinical Director – Dressing




Clinical Director – Routine


1hr +


Clinical Director – 1hr +


Home visits


NB: Dulwich Podiatry reserve the right to make changes to these fees

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