Curacorn® – an answer to painful corns

By Michaela Shaw

Painful corns can make even the simplest task uncomfortable.  But there’s a new treatment that can help which will provide long-lasting relief: Curacorn®.

What is Curacorn®?

Curacorn® is a unique podiatry treatment that uses injectable hyaluronic acid strong gel to help with painful foot conditions like corns and calluses.  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that helps to keep skin hydrated and plump.  In the case of Curacorn®, a specially formulated, high-viscosity hyaluronic acid is injected directly beneath the corn or callus which then creates a cushioning effect, reducing pressure and alleviating pain.

Why Choose Curacorn®?

Traditional treatments for corns and calluses often involve topical medications or debridement (removal of the thickened skin) or padding and orthoses.  While these methods can provide temporary relief, they can often require frequent repeat treatments. Curacorn® offers several advantages:

  • Long-lasting results: studies suggest that Curacorn® application can provide relief for up to 18 months.
  • Minimal downtime: the procedure is minimally invasive and most patients can resume normal activities 24 hours following the injection.
  • Safe and effective: hyaluronic acid is a biocompatible substance with a well-established safety profile.
  • Suitable for various foot conditions: Curacorn® can be used to treat a variety of painful foot lesions, not just corns and calluses.

If you are struggling with chronic foot pain caused by corns, calluses or other pressure-related lesions, Curacorn® may be a good option to discuss with your podiatrist.  As with any medical procedure, there may be some side effects, though typically mild and short-lived.  Be sure to consult with us here at Dulwich Podiatry to determine if Curacorn® is the right choice for you.

Curacorn® offers a promising new approach to treating painful foot conditions.  With its long-lasting results, minimal downtime and safety profile, Curacorn® may be the key to getting you back on your feet quickly and comfortably.

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