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This month we will be talking about our recently acquired Gait Analysis pressure mat, from RS Scan.

“What does it do?” we hear you all ask.

Phits self-summarise as being “the first company in the world to directly translate gait analysis into custom, dynamic 3D-printed insoles.”

It’s clever stuff! The mat-like device is loaded with sensors that analyse the gait, balance distribution of pressure upon the feet as the patient walks across it, then sends a series of real time visual representations to the software. The Footscan mat is the only system to combine a sensory density of 4 sensors per square cm with measuring speeds of up to 500 Hz.  Phits claims that almost every living organism has been on it for testing, to show how robust it is.  

During a session with our patients walking standing and balancing on the Footscan mat, we are able to determine the pressure changes and differences in the feet which we use to explain why you may have certain pathologies.  We can – in a way we have never been able to before – be able to physically SHOW you the pressures being exerted upon your feet. We will also be able to explain what that means for your lower limbs and how to correct it (if correction is required)

Should you require customised orthoses to correct your gait, the software combines the data from the mat with that collected by the podiatrist during your full biomechanical assessment, ensuring that you receive accurately prescribed orthoses matched exactly to your specific requirements.

We were able to do this before.

Podiatrists train for a minimum of three years in university while Masters graduates such as our Clinical Director, Debbie Delves, train officially for 6 years and spend their lifetime in follow-up training seminars building the knowledge to visually analyse a gait and prescribe the correct orthoses. But the previous processes were time consuming and messy, requiring the patient to have a plaster cast mould of their foot which was then physically posted to the laboratory whereupon the insoles would be created from scratch upon receipt of the order. The Phits software can send the request off immediately.

Reports of the gait analysis scan also be shared with yourself and your GP to help understand your treatment plan. 

You will have a more engaging and interactive experience, enabling you to visualise the forces that are going through your feet, affecting your gait and potentially causing injury. 
So who will benefit most from a gait analysis?
Put simply, anyone who walks.

If you routinely indulge in high impact activities such as running, jumping or generally putting your legs and feet to regular stress that causes you pain, orthotic correction might well alleviate your discomfort, and a gait analysis will be the first step to identifying the cause and the form of adjustment you require.

We are excited about our new piece of equipment which is going to help us upgrade our customer experience, and we would like to share it with you.

At some point in the near future, when we are past this Coronavirus concern, we will be holding an open evening at our clinic in Dulwich, opposite Dulwich Library.

On the evening we will introduce our new gait analysis machine. We will explain how it works and how we can interpret the results.

There will be a short demonstration where you can see for yourself how quick and easy it is to record information.

Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have relating to the machine or if you think it will help with any issues you may have.

We will also answer any other foot related concerns you may have.

The gait analysis system allows us to translate movement into an algorithm enabling us to also produce orthotics based on your results.  The machine also allows us to analyse and record your gait which is more accurate than watching you walk with the naked eye. This is something were could not do before. Before we may have taken a casted template of your feet which only records information when static. We are now able to produce orthotics based on your analysis when you are standing still and when in motion.

We are also able to predict the type of foot injury that you may be prone to: the system will pick up on any abnormalities and forecast any potential issues that may happen if not corrected.

Once the analysis is complete we will be able to customise your orthoses based on their primary use of function i.e walking, running, cycling and also adapt them to your foot type ie wide or slim fitting.

GWe are very excited about our new system and look forward to being able to demonstrate it to you in the near future.

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